Week 7: Den @ Ari

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are purple and on the right.


Current line: DEN -1, O/U 42

im either thinking under or the cardinals tomorrow

i think its a toss up pick and the cardinals are at home

all the broncos wins or close games have been at home

both double digit losses were on the road

and cards have kept it close with good teams

did you see the cardinals/vikes game this weekend at all

not really

me neither

i dont know how rosen looks

or how that o-line is

i would worry about broncos d-line eating him alive

the broncos D has been getting gashed by the run

D johnson time to shine

yeah they have been getting torched on the run

ari pass D isnt good

i dont think keenum is that good

i think he can be

i think cards have been closer in games than people give them
credit for and id rather be bad against the pass than the run

i dont know if i want to play the broncos

the over is looking a bit tempting

i could very well see that under hit though

both defenses have stifled people

vikes scored a late TD

held the bears to under 20

keenum avgs 281/yds a game


i think az has the worst rush d in the league actually

says who?

10 rush TDs

and 150yds/game

both really bad rush Ds

arizona is 3-2-1 against the spread

den is 1-4-1

AZ has the second worst pass offense and the worst rush offense

the only other thing i’ll say


thurs night


betting on AZ feels like betting on NYG knowing they

have a bad offense

but idk its what im feeling

yeah my issue is that i think denver is just the better team

they played rams and chiefs tough (yes both at home)

cardinals got smoked by rams and skins,

lost to sea at home (broncos beat hawks) 
those getting smoked games were with bradford

they are a different team since rosen took over

averaging 60 yds/game more

still only avg 250 yds/game

that suck

i think this game will be close

so who can pull it out at the end

rookie liberal jewish snowflake or southern

christian jesus freak?

hahaha is that what keenum is?

hahah idk but he’s from houston so i assume

but keenum is losing the fans

yeah i agree with that

so here is the other thing

do we think the broncos will bounce back to compete this season?

if so they have to do it now

thats what we didnt factor in with the eagles

if we dont think they will bounce back then this is a

dog fight of two bad teams

yeah i was just looking at the schedule ahead 

broncos are at chiefs next week

and then on bye

i would think that they arent ready to quit just yet

which means they have to win this week


a MUST win

they have cards-chiefs-texans-bye

so if they could get to 4-5

they have a shot at wildcard

this should be our blog btw

we just dedicate a chat to each game and each decide a pick

and then keep track of our picks

do we start with this one?

also how do you blog?


yes let’s start here

whats your pick

i havent decided haha

line is currently den-1 o/u 42

i won’t overanalyze at this point

den is the better team

they need to win now

i think they win this thurs

i’ll take den -1

“I’ll be mad if I lose picking AZ because DEN is the better team
but I’ll also be mad if I lose picking DEN because I read
the writing on the wall…however I just started gambling so
who’s to say I’m reading the wall correctly”

DEN -1

haha why are you quoting yourself?

haha its the blog!

DEN -1                DEN -1
  1 unit              0.5 units

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