Week 7: Hou @ Jac

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are purple and on the right.


Current line: JAC -5, O/U 41.5

do you already know the jac v hou line?

if not i want you to guess

i think i did look – is it JAC-4.5
i had it at -5, but close enough

that seems higher than i would’ve guessed



jacksonville is on the decline and houston is on the up

even though they barely beat buffalo last week

i disagree that HOU is on the up
they lost their first 3 and won their next 3

there is something to say about momentum

yeah a win is a win
jags have lost 3 of 4
going back to our old argument is JAC done?

this is a must win

and their D is good enough

their pass D is top 2

and houston’s run game is weak

so i don’t see houston being able to move the ball that well

what is deshaun doing?
he got a bad acl i think
haha i got a bad one too

that happens

i think chin o’brien kinda sucks

not good
i watched that night game against the cowboys
and they could not score in the redzone
i think this is a regress to the mean type game
for houston or jax?
jax mean is much higher than houston’s
that cowboys game last week was their bottom
that game was really weird

it got away from them

i think that game caused this game to have a
closer line than it otherwise would have
i thought the line was high because of the
same reason, but you’re saying the line should be even higher
divisional games can be weird sometimes though

because they know the other team so well

i feel like that’s kind of an equalizer

i’d hate to bet a bunch of unders this weekend

but this feels like an under game

under alert
am i wrong?
i dont know that you are
41.5 is low
it is, yes, but we both think the jags will win

by more than 5 right?

and they average 18pts/game

thats true

im also not 100% confident they win

so i think i take HOU with the points

FYI moneyline is +190

for houston

no i would go spread

line started at 3.5

big move

49% of bets on jags, but 63% of money

alright as much as i’d like to play you straight up on this one

i don’t see the jags blowing anyone out yet

im taking UNDER 41.5

i think im going to go straight up and take the over

wow changing your pick? 

whats the official slindblo pick

Over 41.5

its not official until its bolded at the end

Over 41.5                Under 41.5
 1 unit                        1 unit  

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