Week 7: NO @ Bal

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are in purple and on the right.

Current line: BAL -2.5, O/U 50

ok NO/BAL – 2.5 O/U 50

NO @ bal?

or bal @ NO


and who is -2.5

NO can be a different team on the road,

but they have been good this year

my mind immediately jumps to road favorite here

they arent the favorite

haha i don’t know why i was so confused by that

well they should be

haha but does you thinking that make them fall into the road favorite trap?

i would say yes

but they are coming off a bye

and we all know how a team does after a bye on the road

ie bears dolphins

AND brees has been celebrating that laminated award

haha he probably hung his certificate of

authenticity with pride in his office
eyes keep drifting over to that instead of watching film

so i just looked this up

NO scores the most points per game in the NFL at 36

BALT allows the least amount of points per game at 12.8

rock v hard place
if this year has taught me anything, it’s that offense wins
is the saints D good?
not really

they let up 28pts a game

almost 3 bills per game in the air
flacco has actually been good this year too
i think this could be a road NO stumble

the world saw NO in a blowout their last game so they will bet them

Bal sneaky good under the radar

i agree … sort of

they haven’t really beaten anyone good

and their losses are to cincy and cle



D has only given up 23 points in 3 weeks

and that includes the steelers

they have a ton of sacks too

26 thru 6 games

brees has only been sacked 8 times though
they are coming off 3 games on the road
holy shit they were on the road 3 straight weeks?
Bal gets a home cooked meal this week


glad i didnt know that last week, i would’ve bet against them haha

okay i have a meeting in 3 minutes

i dont like over or under in this situation

because i dont know how balt’s D will do against NO’s O

5-2 or 5-1 are big boy records

who is truly a big boy this year?

idk man

this is a tough one

what it ultimately comes down to

if NO wears their all white’s, they win.
If not, balt wins and covers
no way they wear those in messy Bal and get them dirty

i imagine Bal field always dirty

i think im going Bal here

BAL -2.5

i think i’m with you

BAL -2.5


BAL -2.5                BAL -2.5
  1 unit                     1 unit  


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