Week 7: NYG @ ATL

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are in purple and on the right.

Current line: ATL -4, O/U 52.5

line for ATL v NYG tonight is ATL -4, O/U 52.5

my brain thinks atl right off the bat

i think as we both look at each other through this g chat – atl is the easy call


*stephen a smith voice*
all ill say is atl’s D is VERY bad

that’s true

and saquon is VERY good

it’s saquon vs matt ryan and his cronies

sanu and ridley are both a little injured

but i think both playing

Matt Bryant is out
blew up his hamstring on the insane 59 yard FG up 2 last week

oh that actually makes -4 a bit easier to swallow

if they are just going to go for 2

want a really interesting stat?

hit me

if its only interesting ill be pissed

it has nothing to do with atl or nyg but will have an impact on the game tonight

Tony Corrente is head official

and games him and his crew officiate are 90-68 (57%) in unders

because they average less penalty yards per game than average refs

h/t sports action app


that is very interesting


*spongebob voice*

*i think*

i cant in good conscience bet on the NYG scoring points

i know but they always do it when you least expect

im not good at betting on what i least expect

because i expect everything


72-73% of bets and money are on atl

yet the line has moved from -4.5 to -4

some smart money is going to giants

but i cant call betting on nyg smart

other than Pitt – ATL has kept it close with good teams

NYG have only kept it close once with good teams

and that was Car

and are they even good?

they did beat the eagles yesterday, but … i don’t carolina is that good.

they have a few common oponents

giants got smoked by the eagles at home, falcons kept with them on the road

giants got smoked by saints, atl kept with them

NYG are 4-19 since the boat pic

and im 0-2 betting NYG since the boat pic

so we agree that we can’t rely on NYG scoring points

so that rules out the over and NYG +4

let’s talk under real quick

oh snap

smart money is going to the under, the line is taking

the majority of bets and money, but is down to 52 from 54
Ridley and Sanu are no longer on the injury report and are cleared to play

that helps atl -4

counterpoint: NYG had 10 days of rest

they last played last thursday

ATL also hasnt been able to really put teams away

i dont think i can do the under

because its OBJ against a garbage secondary

and i cant bet NYG again

so i have to go ATL -4

i agree with everything you said

i think atl needs to win now

to keep up with the division

and they are the better team

and they are at home

i would love to see the line come down another point

but regardless, i’m taking ATL -4



ATL -4                ATL -4
  1 unit              0.5 unit 

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