Week 8: NO @ MIN

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are in purple and on the right.

Current line: NO -2.5, O/U 54

line tonight is NO -2.5, O/U 54
oh wow

that moved

it was pk


it opened minn -1.5

which is crazy

oh shit

its a revenge game


im biased

because i bet NO +200 on that nfc champ game last year

and they blew it on that last play i was so mad

and still am

so do you bet to spite them or ride with them again

i think NO is really good

but I think minnesota is hot

and at home

Bal is getting smoked by Car right now

NO barely beat them

however looking at this right off the bat i thought NO

im uncertain who is going to win

i think they are pretty equal teams

i would rather take minnesota because they are at home and getting points


the over is also pretty appetizing 

i mean the sunday night over is what dreams are made of

i know

national tv

game in a dome

brees in a dome = over


minn’s d lets up like 23/24 points per game

NO lets up like 27

NO was also on the road last week too

drew brees loves his kids 

hes probably sad


but both offenses are hot
both are

as much as im leaning minn

the spread moving 4 points in the other direction is scary

for that i’m taking under



i was leaning NO but i think it could be last team with the ball



O54               O54
          1 unit           1 unit          

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