NBA 10/30 – POR @ HOU

INTRO: our gambling analysis happens over g-chat while we work at our separate jobs several thousand miles apart. slindblo’s chats are in blue on the left, rj_gray’s are purple and on the right.
Current line: HOU -4.5, HOU -190

im finna have to dive into this later

but looks v interesting

yeah i might bet all of them haha

theres one tonight

are you going to bet it?
i might
you have to remember we have our aliases (Coming Soon) now

we’re invincible

thats true
i do have more confidence

im wondering whether moneyline is the right strategy

because of the additional losses you take on
is the article saying these teams will cover?

or just win

they are talking about win percentage vs spread

im fine with spread then

i guess almost doubling your risk for 4 points isnt worth it

if we play at an avg of -200

we need to win 33/49

to break even

what about spread
spread you just need to win 26/49
thats with juice?
v interesting
spread in theory is harder to win
do you think most of these will involve us betting on the favorite?

in some cases i bet its the dog

its usually the road team that is the tired one

so the home team is usually the rested one

only reason i like moneyline is becasue the spread in nba sucks at the end of games

and i just watched bad beats on SVP last night

but im saying will the home team always be the favorite in these games?

probably not

but i bet a lot will be

i think -200 is a high avg is all im saying
yeah i went conservative
so if only requires a few more games

and we have better odds of hitting

if its 150

then we need to win 30/49

28 at -125

line has moved to -4.5 / -190 tonight


prob because of this article

rockets are 1-4

i like ML

want to doit?

.25 units


.5 units

today starts a new day

lets ride

HOU -190           HOU -190
  .5 unit              0.25 units

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