NBA 11/1: NOLA @ Por

you still there


theres another nba game tonight

that fits 

nola portland

haha damn

was it on the MAH article?


whats the line?

and who is the traveler

NOLA is traveling to portland

they are the tired team

portland looks p good

holy shit the line moved from 35 to 8.5

crashed right through the numbers

the line was 35?!?!

portland was +35???



it was -3.5 it is now -8.5


i was going to say

i wonder if anthony davis is going to play

ML is -205

i think id go ML portland

another thing we do have to look out for is injury

like hou with harden out is trash

regardless of tiredness

yeah i agree

although the line takes that into consideration 

but still

true but still

so you wanna play?

id put 0.5 on ML

Por -205     Por -205
   1 unit       0.5 units 

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