NFL Week 9: OAK @ SF

Current line: SF -2.5, O/U 45

i actually like oak tonight

SF doesnt have a QB

it’s unclear whether beathard is going to play

i think SF is the better team if he’s healthy

the NFC is better

has KC played anyone from the NFC?

won 38-27

although i think that’s the game jimmy handsome went down

so theoretically SF beats KC if hes healthy

which makes the NFC way better

haha idk about that but they kept up

raiders played 1 NFC team


by seattle

we played the over in that game

they looked terrible too

yeah and they traded amari since then

i dont think the players like gruden

locker room = lost

i mean they have a million draft picks

they are in tank mode

gruden doesnt have to worry about job security yet

they paid him too much

shanahan on the other hand

hes got the built in excuse that jimmy bumpin uglies went down

hes not worried either

his seat is hotter

is all im sayin

idk that his seat is hotter

both seats are cold right now

no seat is cold at 1-7/1-8

they arent going to get fired this year

those records can heat up the seat going into next year but this year they will be fine

so do you think they are both in tank mode?

oak is and SF is not i think

i think SF is still trying to win

that’s my impression too
one thing we do know

they both stink

yeah and this game will suck
we need a von miller like quote from one guy saying they were going to kick the other teams ass

i know


consider this

if we are right about SF not in tank mode

and nick mullens starts at QB

he definitely has something to prove

his first NFL start

he could be awful, but he’s going to play hard

hes had 5 turnovers in 93 preseason snaps

if he plays they lose

that is .. not good

raiders only have 7 takeaways through 7 games

no pass rush…

if only

im talking myself into betting on sf here

regardless of who plays QB

they can run the ball

and since we have to play this game, im playing small

and taking SF -2.5

im having a hard time getting by the AFC being worse than the NFC

so ill also take SF -2.5


was not expecting that

ive lost two bets on oak where they couldnt even keep it close so they are in my doghouse


SF-2.5               SF-2.5
        0.5 units           0.5 units       

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