NCAAF 11/3: ND @ Northwestern

Current line: ND -10, 52.5


northwestern notre dame this wkd

our dream matchup

well not yours since nd lost the last 3? matchups vs nu


i only remember the one

last 2

+ tomorrow

1995, 2014

youre forgetting that this isnt your grandads ND team

my grandads ND team is better than any millennial ND team

also to play at ND for a team like NU its the biggest thing they’ll ever do in their lives so they were a little juiced up in 2014

now we’re in evanston

you guys dont have the advantage of playing at 9 am in the morning

and ND has the playoff on the line

you forget that pat fitzgerald HATES ND

he turned them down in high school to go to NU

and then beat ND as a player

at ND

hate leads to lack of clarity

he’ll prob go for 2 at the wrong time

down 10

and not cover


Ian Book is completing over 76% of his passes

yeah but it turns out that every team ND has beat actually sucks

this is 2013 all over again

hows Michigan doing?

michigan blows

the big ten blows

this game isnt necessarily an established rivalry

but fitz will make it feel that way

and NU is hot

leading the big ten

they are going to come ready to play

what your forgetting is that ND will also come ready to play

you guys blew it by beating us in a meaningless 2014 game

took away the element of surprise

that was 4 years ago

a completely different team

it was brian kelly though

he doesnt forget

wait are you actually a fan of brian kelly?

what better than a feisty bulldog to lead a team into battle

good thing fitz is a bigger bulldog

more like spaz dog

NU is impossible to gauge when it comes to gambling

but I think they keep it close

I really dont think that ND is that good

you barely beat a bad michigan team

and we blew a win against a bad michigan team

that was with Wimbush at QB

we are a different team now

Book is a legit QB

so are we. 5 wins in a row. thorson is a top 5 draft-ready NFL QB

ok here is a stat for you

NU has given up 19 sacks in 7 games

ND has 17 sacks in 8

the D line is scary this year

i think youre running all over the field


this game will be close until the 3rd quarter

and it wont be a blowout

but ND covers

the smart play is to play NU in the first half and then ND in the second half

NU has a way of getting leads and then blowing them

I think NU leads going into 2nd half, ND comes back and wins, but doesnt cover 10

im really glad you’re betting ND

because that means that there is no way they cover

Northwestern +10

past ND teams i wouldnt

but this team has been a bit different

i have to bet ND


NU +10           ND -10
  1 unit            2 units

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