NFL Week 9: Det @ Min

Current line: Min -4.5, O/U 47.5

lets talk minnesota detroit
so until last week i thought both of these teams were back

but i also dont think the score truly reflected how well Minn played against NO last week

i agree, that thielan fumble at the end of the half really killed all the momentum

and the saints are really good

and detroit traded golden tate away, so are they giving up?

idk that he was doing as much this year but that did seem like an odd move

he can make big plays

i read a stat that  [need to look it up] road divisional teams cover like [60something%] of the time
so that leans Det

i think stafford finally started looking like bad stafford

everything was going their way and things were going too well

he had to mess it up

minnesota’s run d is pretty good

so they should be able to slow kerryon down

which means it will likely fall on stafford

and you know i hate betting against stafford getting points due to backdoor covers

since he always seems to find a way to score at the end of the game in a meaningless way

yeah but i think vikings know they blew the game last week

and they are way better

NO is good and they were close to putting them away

Det got smoked last week

at home

so the game opened at minn -7

77% of the money on minnesota

and moved to -5.5

sharps bet Det then

but sharps are getting crushed

yeah i think that trend flips


i think sharps jumped on +7

and now its rationalized

as much as i hate playing against stafford

i have to here

yeah i dont like -7

minn -5.5

id be more pissed if i bet on Stafford just because of his backdoor cover and they got smoked

minn -5.5


     Min -4.5            Min -4.5
       1 unit                1 unit 

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