NFL Week 9: Ten @ Dal

Current Line: Dal -4.5, O/U 40

DAL – 4.5

O/U 40

such a bad game


its our duty to bet it

i dont think ive watch either of these teams play a game this year

even on redzone

the titans dont have any highlights

i watched their london game

only because i was on a flight

and it was the only game on

all i know is the ravens sacked mariota on like

half of his pass attempts when they played

offense stinks

however – bye week post london

want to hear a stat that i dont think matters

but i’ll say it to influence you anway

dak prescott is 8-4-1 ATS in primetime starts

ATS is a game of averages

unless youre pat mahomes

or NE

i do like the bye week after london thing

i forgot about that when i bet against the chargers

im pretty sure i called that out in the analysis

we’ll have to check the tapes

so i know i swore off betting o/u


this game screams under

titans average 15.1 ppg and allow 18.1

cowboys score 20 ppg and allow 17.6

dallas has amari cooper now though

and line moved from 42 to 40
thats a sharp indication there

because 66% of money is on O

can the sharps get back in it?

the books go trashed yesterday

is this their revenge game?

if this game goes over and cowboys win i think the books explode
so do we kill the books or fight on their side

age old question

i mean

i think this is an under game

can you convince me otherwise

amari cooper changes the cowboys offense

he takes on defenders

now tayvon austin can get more space

Zeke doesnt have 10 guys in the box

mariota coming off a london bye

ready to put up points

but he’s incapable of doing so!

they both are in the top 5 rush attempts in the NFL

slow offenses

both teams games this year average less than 40 points 

i think dallas has figured out that dak needs to run

also look ahead game to the eagles next week?

it sounds like youre leaning dallas

dallas was also on bye last week

i think that negates the bye off london game trend

i agree

i sound like a little harp boy but im going to keep harping on it

amari beats the titans here

amari hasnt beaten anyone this year

and he cant catch

im sticking with my guns

under 40

i think Dallas wins here pretty handily.

also Skip Bayless yelled at them to win this game

if that isnt motivation idk what is

Dallas -4.5


   U40          DAL-4.5

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