NFL Week 10: Car @ Pit

Current line: Pit -3, O/U 51


so according to sports action

the line opened at pit -7

and is now pit -3

thats a massive move

so when i first looked at this game i thought panthers win

but its thursday night

in Pit

so that was going to lead me to look at the points

so that move is interesting to me

away teams are 2-6-1 ATS this year on thurs night


i do think carolina is the better team

those 2 wins for away teams were against VERY bad teams though


and Ari

Steelers are not a bad team

no they arent

steelers and panthers have a lot of shared opponents

carolina lost to Atl 31-24

Pit beat atl 41-17

(pit was at home, car was on the road)

car beat cin 31-21 at home

pit beat cin 28-21 on the road

Car beat Bal 36-21
Pit beat Bal 23-16

Car was home

Pit was away

carolina crushed TB last week at home

Pit barely beat TB on the road

so i think what that tells us is they are pretty similar

but the home and away affects each the same

pit also lost to balt at home

and they tied the browns

that was early though

what have you done for me lately

carolina has covered their last 3

pitt their last 4


im excited for this game

i think they are super evenly matched

car +7 wouldve been very appetizing because i think it’s going to be close

now that its pit -3 … i dont know

so everything we’ve said until now is that they are pretty evenly matched

which leaves one glaring advantage for Pit

they are home on Thursday night

big ben has his feet up on his couch

Cam Newton has to back all his wacky clothes into a suitcase and jump on a plane

big ben died last week though


Cam is thinking more about his wardrobe than the gameplan

big ben laughed about dying in his post game presser tho

if you arent scared of death…you think a panther is scary??

short answer – no

long answer – we’d have to upgrade our website

and we dont have enough fans or funds to do that

in due time
heres another stat before you bet on pit

pit has failed to cover in 7 of their last 9 home games

and they are 2-5 ATS against teams with a winning record in their last 7
how many of those are this year?

idk but presumably some of them

good enough for me

*gimme one sec i want to do a quick analysis*

pitt is 5-3 ATS in the 1st half, 4-4 ATS in 2nd half

car is 5-3 ATS in the 1st half, 5-3 ATS in the 2nd half

nevermind, there are no insights there

yeah i think this boils down to the fact that they are pretty even

so the Thursday night away monster will come in to beat up Car

yup. sharp money is on pit, public money is on car


are you a sharp

or a john

im a sharp

Pit -3

if the line goes to pit -3.5, i’m on carolina. if it stays at -3 im on pit

so im going to wait

can i do that?

can you do that?


i think its what the line is when we do this

fine, im taking carolina +3 and will push

CAR +3        PIT-3   

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