NFL Week 10: Was @ TB

Current Line: TB -3, O/U 51

so its TB -3

O/U 51.5

so maybe im alone here

but i like TB

especially with fitzpatrick

i think skins bounce back

they for some reason let games get away from them but they usually bounce back after

i know theyve had injuries but its time for some young, talented guys to step up

i think TB and ATL are really similar

in that they both have really explosive offenses

and if washington falls behind they wont be able to keep up

this is a game where you dont know which performance youre going to get from each team each week

skins had a stinker so this is where they bounce back

Fitz only plays well when he has nothing to lose.  They could easily give jameis the job back here

the thing that scares me

is that washington gave up almost 500 yards at home last week

and they only had like 80 yards rushing

ok i just read another article

the redskins are for sure out 3 OL and maybe a fourth

but was their old OL good??

Their backup OT Ty Nsekhe is pretty solid though fwiw

h/t @Ihartitz

okay so they have 1 decent, healthy OLineman

TB’s rush d isnt awful

their pass D sucks

but the skins cant pass


they have 1776 pass yards

very patriotic from the team from DC


its veterans day


redskins D has only played well against run first teams

actually i dont buy that

they held GB

AND people forget they have Haha Clinton-Dix

he did not have an impact last week

thats because people forgot

i think he forgot

im reading more about this o-line

i dont know that people are discounting it enough

guys are literally coming off the street

i know it’s insane

and they are on the road

i think this is a big opportunity to jump on the bucs

throw the record books out the window here

going to be missed assignments left and right

throwing books and missed assignments?  sounds like my freshman year in college…

despite my best efforts

i laughed at that


im hammering TB

TB -3

i wanted the skins in this

wanted them bad

but if they win itll be close and if they lose it will be by a lot

TB – 3

TB -3        TB-3

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