NFL Week 10: NYG @ SF

Current Line SF -3, O/U 45


i cant get myself to bet the giants again

but it feels like the right bet

line right now is SF -3, O/U 45

fun fact

i’m 0-3 this year when betting on games that include the giants

i think i am too

we are 0-6 ATS ATG

the 49ers have a +31 point differential when Nick Mullens starts at QB

here’s why i like the giants tonight

and it has nothing to do with stats

it’s odell beckham’s birthday

and he plays well on his birthday and said he will play well again tonight

also, they are threatening to bench eli again, so i think he’ll show up

that almost 100% convinced me to bet the giants


primetime games are when we get Eli memes

but this is a revenge week for vegas and all the underdogs have been covering

public is leaning to the giants

and they arent buying mullens

can lightening lightening strike twice?

going back to this Odell thing

his bday might be the difference in this game

i truly believe hes that full of himself that he plays amazing because of this

he had 46 yards and 2 tds on his birthday in 2016

105yards, no TDs in 2015

108 yards, no TDs in 2014

they went 2-1 in that stretch

(he didnt play last year)

not as good as i thought actually

also does he play on his actual birthday every year?

no his actual birthday was last monday

but its close

so my guess is that he has 86 yards and 1TD tonight

avg day

i think Odell has partied too much from his bday and he will now be bad

let’s talk over under

we’ve been shying away

i lean under
last two weeks their D has been strong

granted its against bad teams

SF that is

i also think Nick Mullens got a little lucky last week

he wont have back to back games like that

could easily turn into a “dont make mistakes” tight game

the niners let up a lot of points

they are 26th in points allowed

AND they’ve played bad teams

(but the giants are also a bad team)

thats what im saying

when they play bad teams they dont give up points

im saying that they do give up a lot of points

and they have been playing bad teams

they given up only 21 points in the last two weeks
i guess that’s fair

giants haven’t really scored either

Giants have scored 20 or fewer points in 6 of their 8 games

i also think this has been a wonky week

which means trends are flipped on their heads

so i go over 45 in that case

yeah my gut tells me under

so for that i’m going over 45

Over 45       Over 45

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