NFL Week 11: GB @ Sea

Current Line Sea -3, O/U 49

ok TNF

GB v Sea

Sea -3 O/U 49

this game is tough for me

because ive been betting seattle all year

which was only a mediocre strategy

because they are 5-3-1


i know

and in order for them to cover here that means GB has to lose

and its second half Aaron Rodgers

but its also second half russell wilson

who also is really good at backdoor covering

i.e. last week

i think Sea is the better team
i don’t know that i agree

i think GB is getting hot

they do this every year

i agree GB is getting hot but i think Sea is also trending up

striking distance of the rams twice this year

and this is at Sea

on a thurs

so i agree with the short week home team strategy

but i seattle has lost 2 straight

yes they were against good teams

but hard to say that they are getting hot

ok maybe them getting hot isnt the best term

but i think they are putting it together better than they were at the beginning of the year

GB also should have beat the rams

people forget

seattle scored 31 against the rams both times

GB only scored 27

there ya go


easy peezy

well i think that pushes us to the over
no one will be stopped in this game offensively
i agree

and we do like thursday night overs

last week’s over hit in like 12 minutes

my fear is that the packers are beat up

cobb didn’t travel

and graham is questionable

cobb has been a non-factor all year minus the bears game

he sucks (this is the fantasy football talking)

id say similar things about graham but i havent managed him
i feel stupid saying this

because mccarthey has proved me wrong time and time again

but i think they’ll run the ball a lot

aaron jones rules and sea’s run defense is so bad

Sea has been trying to stick to the run too

i dont see a defensive struggle

and i dont see either team getting blown out

which leans to the over

the only thing at this point that would scare me away from the over is weather

is it bad?

53 and no rain

i’m hammering the over


perfect football weather

so … what’s your pick
over baby

Over 49       Over 49

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