NFL Week 11: Car @ Det

Current Line Car -4.5, O/U 49.5

this is what i like to call a reverting to the mean game

so current line is carolina -4.5 @ detroit, O/U 49.5

both teams stunk last week so its tough to bet the team reverting to the mean

but i think Car is better than Det so they will be reverting to a higher mean

this game feels a bit like a trap game

the lions are terrible

and people still think the panthers are good

the panthers will be coming off a 10 day rest though

and they got embarassed last week

if Cam Newton doesnt throw that embarrassing pick after the steelers tied 7-7 that is a close game
well thats a stretch

but i agree that the game got away from them

one of the podcasts i listen to said that Cam needs to start hot to play well

he did in that game until that pick and it derailed

then he played mopey

detroit is terrible against the run

they are 28th in yards allowed

and CM is great

they ran it well against a pretty good Pit D

is there any reason we should play detroit?

they were on the road the last 2 weeks in divisional games 

and then have a short week next week

the only reason id play them is a revert to the mean game

but since Car got blown out, it doesnt help us

you keep saying that but that would mean that the mean of the lions is good
if Car played well last week id bet Det
the bills beating the jets was reverting to the mean

thats what im saying by that

an NFL team can only have so many bad games in a row before they cover or win

i see

lions have been running the ball well and the panthers have a good run D

im afraid its a trap game

but playing it anyway

car -4.5

i kind of agree with you

and you could argue that the lions let that game get away from them with a few turnovers

but they have given up on Det as a city

so Car -4.5

Car -4.5       Car -4.5

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