NFL Week 11: Min @ Chi

Current Line Chi -2.5, O/U 44

alright night game on sunday

primetime mitch vs. kiddie table kirk

he looks shorter on the vikings

nightlife nagy vs blind mike zimmer

i mean we can do all the analysis in the world on this one

but the bears are BACK

i know

and thats what scares me

no they will lose next week

thats the trap game


on thanksgiving?

the bears do show up on national TV

and both of these are nationally televised

the bears come out like they did in week one against the pack

but this time they dont let up

mack is 100%

mitch is dishin

and i think the vikings are worse than last year

they are definitely worse than last year

but they are heating up

Mike Zimmer is 2-2 off the bye

not great

no but the vikes are 5-3-1 ATS this year and 2-1-1 ATS on the road

bears are 6-3 ATS and 4-1 ATS at home

crazy these teams are very equal

haha those are the exact same differences in their real records
i know

i like that the line is -2.5 now

i think it will close at 3

which sucks

because i think the bears win by 3

cody parkey comeback game

hes at soldier field tonight kicking field goals

drove 35 miles

true grit

i hope so

dude needs to make something

i can’t play the o/u here

bears are all over the place with points

i can actually see it being low scoring
ive said it once and ill say it again
you should get extra points for hitting the uprights

you have to call it

yeah okay i agree with that
5 points


back to the game at hand

chicago will be rocking

the bears are feeling hot

and i think they actually win by 7-10 points



i love it

im all over it

bears -2.5

bears -2.5


Chi -2.5       Chi -2.5

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