NFL Week 11: Pit @ Jac

Current Line Pit -5.5, O/U 47

pit @ Jax

pit -6, o/u 47

this is a tough line for an away team to get that many points

vegas is trying to play people on the hot steelers

steelers are hot

and leveon is offish out

so maybe thats weight off of their back

the jags just arent that good

steelers are too hot

need to cool off a bit before the final stretch of the season

i think 6 points is just too much on the road

and Jac came alive in the second half should have for sure tied that game and maybe won

dumb fumble

a dumble


the NFL is so hard

because there are teams like the Saints and Chiefs who just roll every week

and then there are teams like the Pats and everyone else who just lose a bad game against a bad team

and those are so hard to predict

im predicting one now

steelers cool a bit here

i think pitt proved they are good last week

and then had 10 days to rest

finally got rid of leveon

i think they are refreshed 

and stay hot

im taking pitt -6

i think they win but i think they cant fly too close to the sun

they are distracted by leveon this week

Jac +6

Pit -5.5       Jac +5.5

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