NFL Week 12: Chi @ Det

Current Line: Chi -2.5, O/U 43.5

lets talk bears
so mitch is probably out

yeah … not great

but for some reason i like the bears better

as a result

this was a trap game

and now it isnt

the team knows they have to pick up chase daniel

who hasnt started a game since 2014

he has thrown 78 passes and made like $28M

his pass per dollar is one of the best in the NFL

which means he cares about each throw more than most

its a big stage for him

national TV

hot team



wait for it

he knows the system

he was with nagy in KC

i think thats really big to be honest
i do too

nagy is a system guy

and i dont think he’ll have to do a lot

nagy was getting guys wide open against the lions last time

and i think a more important injury….kerryon Johnson is out

yeah that is huge

so they don’t have a rushing attack

which is really all they had

stafford has been sacked 30 times this year

they did fix that last week against the panthers

but the two week before were rough

also think about this

this will be the first time either head coach faces an opponent for the second time in the same year

oh i like that

especially on a short week

i think that benefits the more physically gifted team


and they might change things up for chase

which the lions havent seen

more creative runs

honestly i dont think they change a thing

i think they run the same offense

maybe less designed mitch runs

but generally the same

and Vic Fangio is rolling on bears D
i think this is a game where we sit on it until mitch is officially ruled out

and hope for a line swing

and then jump on the bears

the line has already moved to under 3
on his doubtfulness

it was up to 3.5

i do think that there will be sharps doing the same thing we are doing

so we’ll have to wait for the right time

line might move but then come right back


so bears for the best line we can get, but im taking them up to -3

bears -2.5
i agree

bears -2.5

*45 minutes later*
also I just heard a super interesting factoid

the bears have the shortest amount of time between 2 NFL games in history

sunday night to thurs morning

it should change my thinking but it doesnt
haha i know, me neither

CHI -2.5      CHI -2.5

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