NFL Week 12: GB @ Min

Current Line: Min -3.5, O/U 48

so sunday night

GB @ Min

Min -3.5

O/U 48

this is a toss up for me dog

this is a gut game for me

i think a tough divisional matchup like this has to be

this game ended in a tie last time

throw the stats books out the window

so what is this so called gut telling you?

that im afraid of rodgers

and the vikings are slipping

and 3.5 is a terrible line for a favorite

i do agree on that line being terrible

however – the packers have been terrible on the road


they are 0-5 on the road

yeah all their wins are at home

and one tie

vs the vikings

is rogers really going to miss the playoffs though?

thats the big question

if they lose this week

they are essentially out of the division

theyll be 4-6-1

on the flip side, the vikings were in the NFC championship last year

yeah but their offense has struggled after they lost their OC

and their D is not the same

if GB wins this game they are in the playoffs 

which is scary

because they have the easiest remaining schedule 

i know and thats why i think they win

notice i said win

not cover

they are +160 right now

which isnt enticing enough to take moneyline

because 3.5 is such a favorable line for a dog

yeah im trying to convince myself to take the vikings

but i dont think i can

rogers is going to get the 6 seed and play the bears first round…

nightmare type stuff there

lets not go that far, they still have to play the bears again week 16
haha i got down a bit of a rabbit hole there

like i said, this is a gut game because the teams are so close

and there is a lot riding on the game

i gotta give the advantage to rodgers here

especially since aaron jones is running the ball now

and that opens the field

packers +3.5

i think i lean the same way

packers +3.5

GB +3.5      GB+3.5

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