NFL Week 12: Ten @ Hou

Current Line: Hou -3.5, O/U 43

i was going to take TEN in this game

classic everyone just saw them get slammed by the colts

so i agree with playing with the sharps

and i agree ten is pretty good

and houston has beat some bad teams barely

but there are 2 things that scare me about playing the titans

1. houston’s D is good and ten’s Oline is not

2. tragedy game

the texans owner just died

yeah tragedy game was what i was thinking earlier this week too

and its in Hou

but didnt players think he was racist?  or was that another guy

no i think thats true

yeah he said we cant have “inmates running the prison”

but you gotta think the players play harder now because if they win they increase the value of the texans and mcnair doesnt get that value

so they are sticking it to him

post death

orrr do they lose because then his estate wont realize the gain

sticking it to his family post death

damn this is tough

so either way

we don’t think its a tragedy game

because the players didnt like him anyway


unlike the seahawks owner

who was liked

and going to what we talked about sunday, teams that lose by 28 or more the week before, cover 55.3% of the time

damn this is one of those bets

where everything points to the titans

but my dumb brain still wants the texans

i mean sometimes when everything points one way, that means you take the other
like when

like when the titans blew out the pats

i see the line at 3.5 now


id also say the only reason the colts game got away is because mariota went down

and hes probable to play

3.5 is much less appealing

i think we wait and see if the public drives it back up

i know

the “publies” as i like to call them

either way im taking TEN + points here

what do you think about the moneyline



i have yet to play ML this year

i dont love it

especially since 3.5 is still a good line

for a dog

but its worth considering

yeah i think i still go points

alright i’m with you

tenn +3.5

TEN +3.5       TEN+3.5

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