NFL Week 13: Was @ Phi

Current Line: PHI -6, O/U 44.5

have you looked at the line for tonight?
i know its Phi -6 moved from -7 but i dont know the o/u
o/u 44.5

i was going to have you guess

haha i was going to guess 44.5
what are your initial thoughts
my initial thoughts are that Michael Vick put up 60 fantasy points on the redskins on MNF

and the skins are 5-22 in their last 27 MNF games

wow thats remarkable

those stats cause me to lean eagles

another stat, even though i dont love it, is that its profitable to bet bad ATS teams against good ATS teams

which is so counterintuitive

that it sounds right

philly is 3-8 ATS and skins are 7-4

so the public knows that and the line takes it into account to try and trick the public

the public doesnt know anything

every trap bet hit this weekend

the public (and me) is shook
me too

do we think the game will be high scoring?

both of these teams usually dont score much

so yes


then i would lean philly too

i keep waiting for them to hit the “we’re back” game

the problem with that gambling strategy is that you feel so stupid when they come out and suck

since theyve sucked so bad

yeah and this year has been so crazy with streaks.  teams are sucking longer than we think they will and teams are dominating longer than we think they will

if that makes sense

the texans lost 9 straight and then won 9 straight

how does that happen

they finally stayed healthy

think about it – they have had major players go down each year and sucked.

all the while gathering great draft picks

now they are all healthy for the first time

yeah i guess that makes sense

but philly won the SB and has been relatively healthy

and they still suck

yeah but they are hungover

because you drink when you win the super bowl

and chris long hasnt had any money for over a year now

that stress is contagious

heres the other thing

over 10mph winds expected tonight

and 52 and cloudy

philly is going to be wasted in this basically summer in Dec weather

tough place to play when the crowd is wasted

everything in my bones says take the eagles. but i have a hard time believing that they can blow a team out

josh adams is hitting his stride so they are getting a bit of a run game back
and you know what? the skins are still down Olinemen

tonight is the night

the eagles are back

give it to me, philly -6

and the eagles need this game to stay alive.  so do the skins but its different because they dont have a QB and their season is already over

eagles -6

PHI -6         PHI -6

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