NFL Week 14: Jac @ Ten

Current Line: Ten -5.5, O/U 37

what do you think the line is


titans -3

o/u 44

yeah i wouldve guessed titans -3 or -4

so ill say -3.5

i bet the o/u is so low

like 36

actual line is titans -5.5

o/u 37

let’s go

hey not too shabby

also the line is +130 that the game is more boring than the jags colts 6-0 battle last week

how do you quantify that bet haha?

haha i made it up

but it’s an accurate line

we should start taking bets like that

very subjective bets

like, -135 mariota looks like he’s having fun

o/u 4.5 flags that shouldn’t have been penalties

or -300 Mariota has a “silly” run

-4000 Derrick Henry looks bigger than normal

hahah im parlaying the derrick henry bet with the boring game bet


i think this is an under game no mater the number

i think id bet it at o/u 21

this game is so under that its almost an over

why did you have to say that

now im thinking over

oh yeah im thinking over too

thats why i said it haha

if you have such a defensive struggle the field position battle turns into great field position eventually

and then one team is actually at a disadvantage from scoring because the other team will get the ball outside their own 20

yeah but they still need to move the ball

mariota can’t throw

kessler can’t throw

and both teams have great run D’s


this game is going to suck

let’s talk spread

titans margin of victories this year: 3,3,3,14,24,4

i think thats a lot of points to give a game projected to score this low

i kind of agree

i dont think ive won a bet when betting on either the titans or the Jags this year though
no one has

they beat teams they shouldnt

and lose to teams they should beat

neither team makes sense

its impossible to predict

titans barely beat the jets

and the jags beat a good (?) colts team last week

i do think the jags are trending up though.  defensively at least

strong showings the last few weeks

which shows that side of the ball isnt giving up

titans have been falling off a bit

after the bye – the titans are 1-2 getting blown out by both the colts and the texans

38-10 against the colts

and Jags have played the colts within a possession both times

this game was 6-9 in Sept haha

haha i know!

i’ve never done a teaser

but this seems like a lock for a teaser play

6 points on either side and parlay jags and under

so you get jags +11.5, under 43

whats the payout?
win 100 on 110 bet

when you tease in the direction that favors you

that bet seems too obvious

it cant pay out that nicely

yeah it does

are we taking candy from a baby here?

when you think about it, babies shouldnt even be eating candy

so we’re helping them

and i think we’re helping our book makers by taking their money in this situation?

yeah this teaser is just a write-off for our bookie

helps him lay low

more like WRONG-off for him

and a right-on for us


haha that is weak

im teasing this game

aka making fun of it because it is so bad

jags +11.5/ U43

yeah this game is tease town

jags +11.5/ U43

TEASER JAC+11.5, U43            TEASER JAC+11.5, U43

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