NFL Week 14: Atl @ GB

Current Line: GB -4.5, O/U 51

let me start out by saying that i think aaron rodgers is a dick
yeah, which sucks because he’s so good

and not really a cool dick

like don draper

he’s like an unlikable dick

and he is going to stick it to McCarthy here

def not draper

more like

lucious malfoy
or King Joffery
you think rodgers was pissed that mccarthey got a standing ovation when he came back this week?
so ive heard rodgers has a photographic memory

so he thinks hes smarter than everyone

and in his mind the fact that the people dont see that pisses him off

so yes that made him mad

yeah he’s going to torch atlanta’s defense. 

aaron jones is going to run all over them too. atl is the 27th ranked rush D

this will be an aaron rodgers FU tour

and if it isnt

hes a bitch



so even though i got torched on my teaser on thursday night

im kinda addicted

because GB +1.5, U57.5 is so appetizing

idk GB winter weather

58 points is a lot

i don’t want to get too fancy here, atl is dead, matt ryan sucks now, and it will be too cold for them to do anything

AND atl doesn’t have a run game

don’t love -4.5 line, but i’m taking it

GB -4.5

yeah me too.  if i lose this bet its the last time ill bet on aaron rodgers

mark my words

GB -4.5

GB -4.5          GB -4.5

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