NFL Week 14: Phi @ Dal

Current Line: Dal -3.5, O/U 45.5

alright lets talk afternoon

dal -3.5

o/u 45.5

in dallas?



i think dallas might be the real deal

i think their D is actually good

vander esch is awesome

so is jaylon smith

you always overlook him

anti ND bias 
jaylon smith is kinda a dirty player

hes just fast

he cant help it

oh yeah i always get those 2 mixed up

ive been waiting all year for the eagles offense to come back

it kind of did last week

but that is a weak redskins team

yeah it is

its the second divisional game though

so throw the record books out the window

the big difference is that the cowboys didnt have cooper last time

that was right before they got him

i lean cowboys here 

wentz hasnt been able to find a groove 

although they are a different team when sproles is healthy 

yeah he adds a whole different dynamic

and they kinda have a running game now

and golden tate is starting to contribute 

eagles didnt have sproles, adams, or tate in the last game

i think this game will be close
me too

which makes 3.5 a tough line

the eagles are just so tough

i made money on them monday night

but i still dont trust them

what do you think of o/u

i mean it seems like an under game

i agree

i think defenses have seen the other offense

but, like you said, these offenses are completely different

i actually think the offenses are starting to click with all their new toys
this is such a tough game

this is actually a perfect game for the cowboys to blow

they finally have it seemingly figured out

and they can almost put away the division with this win

but in cowboys fashion they lose

thats so easy for me to imagine because i hate dak so much

yeah and i dont like zeke either

i think normally these games go under, but i love the new offense thing.

im taking over

haha i was actually thinking over too


O 45.5        O45.5

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