NFL Week 15: Cle @ Den

Current Line: Den -2.5, O/U 45.5

alright lets play guess the lines again!

browns broncos


are the browns favored here?

Browns -1.5

o/u 46

i cheated, so i can’t play


den -2.5

o/u 45.5



i think the browns can win

Baker will be getting baked in Denver

does he play better while mile *high*?


its the first player to my knowledge who’s name can be a pun for smoking weed to play in denver

i just did the research and thats accurate

is denver still in the hunt?

ohh both teams are

right the Browns are sneaky in the hunt

this is a do or die game

i think denver has had chances to secure a playoff spot but they keep blowing it

but lindsay can run

browns have one of the worst run defenses in the league

28th in yards allowed

30th in TDs

oh brother

and baker has done super well against good defenses

broncos is a top 10 D in scoring allowed, but baker is an amazing red zone QB 
although he is least knocked down QB over the past 7 weeks
broncos d is 26th in yards allowed

interesting …

you know what that makes me like

the over?

teasing the over here with texans spread hahah

but yes, the over

two times saturday tease?


there is a lot of money on the browns, and a majority of money on the under

oh snap

im browns +2.5 here

i like the points, i think these teams will score in primetime


O45.5         CLE+2.5

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