NFL Week 15: Hou @ NYJ

Current Line: Hou -7, O/U 43.5

alright, well lets play a game of guess the lines

first texans @ jets

texans -5.5

o/u 46

im gunna guess texans -6.5, o/u 42.5

actual line is … texans -7, o/u 43.5


opening lines: texans -6.5, o/u 42.5

lets goo


thats amazing

youre basically a book maker

there’s no way i could predict the outcome incorrectly now…

well i think you have to bet based off your initial line

so since the line has moved against the texans you have to pick the jets

or the under

i hate that ive had this thought again, because im 0-2, but ive thought about teasing the 2 sat games

well maybe this is when you tease back to the mean

mean tease!


i gotta say, i don’t like the texans in this spot

the jets play well at home

haha i just looked and they have been blown out at home several times

but that broncos game always sticks in my head

the jets are 2-4 ATS at home

i did some more reading on this game

and i think the texans win easily

why do you say that
jets run the ball

need to establish the run

Texans have a great run defense

Jets blitz a lot but Watson has been getting blitzed a lot so i think they’ll have it figured out

and he can just scramble

weather doesn’t appear to be an issue


football weather

i think the texans come back, i think darnold gets eaten alive by the texans D


this is what the NFL gets for putting a crappy game on saturday

it wont be close

bad ratings

yeah im with you, you’ve convinced me

texans -7

texans -7


HOU -7           HOU-7

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