NFL Week 15: Phi @ LAR

Current Line: LAR -13.5, O/U 52.5

you wanna do SNF?

the cowboys just got smoked

so the eagles have something to play for here

they do

this foles conundrum is interesting 

we’ve had success betting on backups coming in

I agree
at least with mullens

and with chase daniel on thanksgiving

haha one time

Oh right

two times

sharps are jumping on the eagles

and i gotta say

even though they have burned me this year

i kinda like philly here

i know

i feel the same way

and i dont know how i feel about it

if that makes sense

yeah your head and your gut are not aligned

totally makes sense

13 points is an s ton

also foles plays best when he has nothing to lose

im saying this because i won a teaser this morning

but teasing philly and the under is interesting


i’m additiced to teasers
i think the over may hit here

rams wont be contained 2 games in a row

right so do we think the eagles can keep it within 2 TDs

theyve been so bad

theyve been bad and wentz honestly hasnt played bad
but will the team rally behind foles

do they have any fight left

yes because the cowboys lost

they arent dead

the rams still need to win too
agreed but by two TDs??


philly actually has a dece rush defense

but a very bad pass offense

i wonder how often teams get blown out in primetime

i feel like its rare

the more I think about this game the more I think rams win by a lot
i know im almost talking myself into it too
but i hate betting teams with a huge spread
we have not done well betting huge favorites
and we have had success fading popular public bets
so back to the eagles

f it

im riding (flying) with the eagles


im with you

eagles -13

Phi +13         Phi +13

boom baby

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