NFL Week 16: Bal @ LAC

Current Line: LAC -4, O/U 43.5


good game

do you know the line

yeah i do

i just looked it up

it appears that sharps are jumping on both the under and the ravens

which is kind of surprising to me

the ravens part

gordon back?

i think hes still up in the air

keenan allen and melvin gordon are expected to play

and i think hunter henry has been practicing, although i doubt he plays

the thing is, the chargers still have a legit shot at a bye

i think they can win out

and i can see the chiefs losing @ seattle on sunday night

theyre going for the 1 seed

Rivers can taste it

this is his year

so maybe that’s why sharps are jumping on it, because there are a lot of stats out there that say its profitable to fade teams that need to win down the stretch

the part that loses me

is that the ravens also need to win

yeah they have more on the line id say

the ravens run the ball like 60% of the time

that has worked

but they also havent really played anyone good


and they have to travel far on a short week

i think the chargers D is legit
they are really good

the ravens barely beat the bucs at home last week

*i know recency bias*

they did keep with the chiefs

they should have beat the chiefs but the chiefs forces them to pass at the end

which the ravens cant do


interesting stat though – L Jackson is under the same coaches that increased Mike Vicks completion percentage by like 15% when he went to the eagles

that is pretty interesting

but michael vick was like a 6 year vet at that point

jackson has a lot of room to grow

and had done time
so he had experience
he had seen some things
the chargers are just going to stack the box
can the ravens WRs beat the Chargers corners
derwin james is super good

i dont think its a matter of the WRs beating the corners, lamar jackson needs to beat the secondary

and i don’t think he can

with bosa and ingrim in his face

im fading the sharps this saturday

bolts -4

Rivers is playing for it this year and the chargers D will up the gravity on Jackson’s moonwalk

Chargers -4

LAC -4          LAC-4

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