NFL Week 16: Was @ Ten

Current Line: Ten -10, O/U 37

alright lets start with skins @ titans

wow this is an ugly game


a spread over 10

and a total under 40

right that seems mathematically impossible

(it happened twice last week)

if you get shut out, this will be the outcome

are the skins starting sanchez?

he doesnt look good

nah josh johnson
oh im an idiot

he played last week

yeah and won
so how is he getting 10 points
so i was going to say that teams that need to win get overvalued at the end of the year

but both these teams need to win

i think people are looking at the fact that was barely beat the jags 16-13 and the titans destroyed them

jags are all over the place this year though

that was also thursday night on the road

which i think more greatly affects teams not playing for anything

so the money is on the skins right now. line has moved .5 points, opened at 10.5
that makes sense


ill be honest i have no idea here

might just have to go with this crazy under

yeah i’m with you, this is just so unpredictable


could be teaser time

skins +16 u42?

like every teaser we’ve talked about

that seems like a no brainer


haha although i could talk myself into skins -4, O 31
i think its more likely that U 31 hits than O 43
ugh this game just sucks so much

the titans are weird too

everything about this game is weird

Mariota is weird

runs and throws weird

the skins stink every week but are somehow near 500

DID YOU KNOW: mariota has a higher QBR when under pressure than passing from a clean pocket?

also has the highest QBR in the league when pressured

over mahomes?

also i think that stat is bogus

Mariota had like 80% completion against the Texans and they lost by 17

he throws dump offs

yeah he doesnt throw down field

also did you know the titans are the 2nd ranked defense in points allowed?

i could believe that
mariota dump-offs + good D = low points

i like the under

do we do under or teaser?

i actually think i like under only
*if* you were to tease

do you like ten -4 or was +16

i actually think Ten -4

a lot of actually’s

coming at you with knowledge you dont expect me to say

damn im torn

im sticking with under 37

call this the Natalie Imbruglia – I’m Torn game

under 37

Under 37          Under 37

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