NCAAF Cotton Bowl: ND vs Clemson

Current line: Clem -13, O/U 57.5

wow its clemson -11 vs ND
i think it opened at that

im for sure betting on ND

i really dont think it will be a blow out

oh youre right

its 13 now haha

i do. i think clemson and bama are too good

ND lost to the dashuan watson Clemson team by a two point conversion

at clemson

with probably 2 or 3 redzone turnovers

so yeah

that was like 3 years ago

its a completely different team

both are

yeah i think ND is better
but clemson is at least 2 TDs better than they were back then

i mean that team went undefeated and lost to alabama by 5 in the national championship

i read that clemson pressured the QB on 45% of snaps this year

book is going to get killed

and hes still beat up

he’ll have had a month off

no one will be beat up in this game

is NDs oline good?
we continuously send guys who are instantly successful right away in the NFL and i dont think this year is too much different

they rank 12th in Pass Down sack rate

and 33rd overall

so a bit down but not bad

ND is going to need to have an emergency option when book is being rushed

and ND’s RBs have very little receptions on the year

only 31 receptions from their 4 leading rushers

but ND has been good at WR screens

which can slow down the rush

also we can pound the run

tire them out

clemson’s rush D is incredible

2.6 yards per carry

less than 100 yards a game

they are +247 yards per game this year 

thats ridiculous

yeah i agree

they do a great job of piling on bad teams

i think youre right, clemson’s schedule is pretty weak

but i do think people over estimate NDs strength of schedule

on paper ND’s schedule was supposed to be very hard

plus ND doesnt have any divisional games, so its rare that you play teams that know ND

but a lot of the teams ended up stinking

STRONG disagree on that though

we play USC, stanford, Michigan, starting back up, several ACC teams every year


really, you gunna throw navy in the mix
1000% we get injured playing their chop blocking offense every year
teams play 8 conference games a year, against teams they play every year. 

you listed 3

so i think that puts us at an advantage since we are used to having to learn about a new team from scratch

everyone else is familiar with their opponents

everyone knows how to prepare for a new team, i dont think thats an advantage

i think its harder to go undefeated when you play in a conference

which makes clemson’s weak schedule relatively stronger compared to ND

looking at common opponents they are pretty even though
ive seen all the stats i need to see

im riding with clemson -13

because im insanely biased

and i want ND to get embarrassed 

haha youre not looking at any of the stats. thats the thing

ND +13

CLEM -13         ND+13

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