NCAAF Holiday Bowl: Northwestern vs Utah

Current Line: Utah -6.5, O/U 46
i actually like NU moneyline here

i don’t think utah is good

NU plays well in bowl games too usually
so i agree, fitz gets them up for bowl games

i think this game will be telling for the rose bowl too

if NU wins, then bet the house on ohio state

which i might do anyway


these matchups are the matchups from each bowl champ game

and i watched that pac 12 game

it was awful

i bet on it

and won

and the only reason Wash is in that game is because they played WSU in a blizzard
right! that game was whack

i think the pac 12 is atrocious this year

not that the big 10 is incredible

but NU played ND tough

and ohio st dismantled michigan

NU plays teams tough whether they are better or worse than them

its usually close

yes, they always play to the level of their opponent


its a frustrating team to be a fan of

we never blow anyone out when we should

but we dont really get blown out when we should

i just really think fitz has them caring about bowl games more than most teams

although that might not be as big of an advantage over Utah than it would be over an SEC team in a smaller bowl

this is also clayton thorson’s last game

he’s started i thinkt he most games in NU history

so i think he’ll show up to play

utah is supposed to have a good defense

but NU can now run the ball

and i see them just controlling the clock

Utah also lost to washington twice

couldnt even get it up enough to win one of those game

there are a lot of plays you could make here, because i think this is an under game

you could tease NU +12.5/ U 52

just take the points and go NU +6.5

or sprinkle the ML NU +245

i almost lean ML

i might take all 3 of those bets haha

haha i know they all look so appealing

i think for purposes of our record on the blog, im going to keep it simple

NU +6.5

same NU +6.5
but between you, me, and our fans, i’m tossing a few on the ML as well

NU +6.5         NU+6.5

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