NFL Playoffs: Ind @ Hou

Current line: Hou -1, O/U 48

lets start with the first game of the weekend

texans colts

i was looking through all of these and a lot are toss ups

but with this one

my initial thoughts go to the hot team

hot team at the right time

colts won to get in and the texans lost 1st round bye

i know but indy is so difficult

they can be so hot and so cold

barely beat the giants at home

killed the cowboys at home

lost to the jags on the road

beat the texans on the road

but they ended with 4 straight wins

and they needed all of them to make the playoffs

the biggest statistical discrepancy i can find in this game comes down to who can hit the QB

texans have 43 sacks on the year, but luck has only been sacked 18 times

colts OL is legit now
guess how many times watson has been sacked


like 4 times a game
thats huge

colts still have freeman rushing the passer, right?

do you mean dwight freeny 

darius leonard has something to prove at LB

he got snubbed for pro bowl

idk that players care too much about the pro bowl.  all pro is what they care about
he tweeted about it

he was mad

i actually want the colts to win

but im not convinced they will

on the road and the 3rd time you’re playing the same team

that has to benefit the better defense, which is houston

yeah you cant come up with that many more things to trick them

thats super tough

how much fort minor do you think JJ Watt has listened to this week?

a lot

he’s definitely an imagine dragons fan too

he’s probably too hyped about their halftime performance at the national championship to concentrate

haha! i was going to say the same thing

that hurts him

right because if he wins, he has to play next weekend and cant fly to SF for the show
hes torn

both games these teams have played this year have been close

they split the regular season

the colts threw away that game earlier this year
road team winning both times
by going for it on 4th down at their own 20

in OT

with like 30 seconds left

thats right

no reason to believe this game wont be close again

which favors the hot team

colts 4-0 to make the playoffs and texans 2-2 to lose 1st round bye

i dont love the O/U number, but hard pressed, i’d go over


i think home field is a big advantage

i think houston’s D will be better

than colts D

i think texans win

texans -1

money has moved big to colts and i think they are hotter

colts +1

HOU -1               IND +1


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