NFL Playoffs: Sea @ Dal

Current Line: Dal -2, O/U 43

seahawks cowboys

dal -2, o/u 43

now i think this game was made to trick us

old me looks at this game and says “oh no way the cowboys beat the seahawks in the playoffs”

and thats what vegas wants you to think

yes, however, i actually do think that

you’re falling into the trick!

all year ive thought dallas was a phony

and im not changing my mind now

dallas has less home field advantage than a normal team

they play football in an amusement park

i think that is an advantage

that stadium is too big and too many people travel to it. it will be 50/50 in the stands
the only thing that scares me is the cowboys getting trounced by the colts and the seahakws beating the chiefs

i think those were aberrations though

wanna hear a cool stat

*thumbs up*
seattle has given up 5653 yards on defense this year (~353/gm)

they have put up

5653 yards on offense 



i know, its remarkable
that stat alone proves they should be .500 and they arent

so its the intangibles

well they have scored 428 points and only let up 347

bend dont break defense 

cowboys, on the other hand, have only scored 339 points

points are overrated

all about yards

if that is true, the cowboys are screwed

dak had 8 games this year with under 200 passing yards

but their defense is next level.  he just cant make mistakes

cowboys are 7-1 at home this year

including a win over the saints

they dont need Dak to be good which is good because he isnt good

the cowboys schedule is so weak though

their division is awful

besides that they played the NFC south (who all sucked except the saints)

and the afc south (who suck)

AND they already lost to the seahawks this year

the cowboys actually got crushed by the AFC south ha


only win over the jags

the seahawks on the other hand played the rams twice, the chiefs, the chargers, the bears

…and went 1-4 in those games, but still

its character building


now i kind of think the cowboys are overrated

i know that they are

i also hate pete carroll

but he is a much better coach than garrett

and i hate russell wilson but he is actually great

i actually hate both teams in this game
the seahawks have been my darling team all year
YOUR darling?
i bet on them a lot and i won a lot
well you know what they say

dance with the most darling girl you can and you’ll be a happy man

Seahawks +2

that has always been one of my favorite sayings

seahawks +2

SEA +2           SEA+2

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