NFL Playoffs: LAC @ Bal

Current line: Bal -3, O/U 41.5

lets go
ravens chargers
lines at chargers +3

o/u 41.5

can ravens once again fly through a lightning storm?
wow i like that
i think that the chargers are a better team now

playing against lamar jackson once has prepared them

heres the problem for our fans

i agree with you

ravens won on turnovers, running, and sacking rivers

but that running attack is at a severe disadvantage going against the same defense twice in 3 weeks

i agree

and its not like the chargers have a bad D

the ravens have a really great D

so its going to be a close game

rivers wins that vs lamar
they had under 200 total yards against the ravens!

and melvin gordon didnt play, right?

he did…

41 yards and a tuddy


prob not 100%
well there goes that theory
im afraid convincing myself that the chargers can win this because it feels a lot like the ravens are the bears in my analysis
haha yep

i was just thinking the same thing

but id argue the raven are actually the cowboys

oh i like that

becasue i hate the cowboys

one last thing before i decide

who has a stupider team hashtag





talk about the battle of the #gagtags

however #fightforeachother is lamer

yeah its unclear what team that even is for


despite that

phil rivers finally gets his

chargers +3

EVERYONE is on the ravens

which makes me go with the chargers

Chargers +3

LAC +3               LAC +3

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