NFL Playoffs: LAR @ NO

Current line: NO -3, O/U 56.5

first game

saint rams

saints -3, o/u 56.5

We saw this game already 

rams v saints 

in NO

AND rams had cooper kupp

and the saints won pretty easily with a late rams push making it closer

rams had a bad first half

i think this is the saints year
i do too, they have so much swag

and are so good at home

sean payton is still on the FU tour
haha last time we said that they got crushed by the cowboys

crushed by 3

bringing out the money was huge

im all in on that

if my boss brought out 200k and said i just needed to crush the next 3 weeks id work very hard

harder than ever

injure people along the way….

that is such a cool move

the rams are good

but they arent as good as the saints

do you think this will be an over game

im not as confident on that

the playoffs other than the pats have been low scoring


the saints had an 11.5 minute drive to start the second half last week

thats what scares me honestly

i call that their linkin park – bleed it out drive

there are other bets i like in this game

i think the saints come out hot

i like saints -0.5 in Q1

the saints have not come out hot the last few games
they were off of a bye last week

i think they got the rust out





all came out slow

last meaningful games of the reg season

i want to say they were losing all those games at half

but this is to go to the super bowl

it will be so loud

itll be hard for the rams to get going

it could be a different saints team

hopefully is

but it would be their first fast start in over a month

you think the rams are going to come out hot?
i do

but its hard to say that with them on the road

maybe the saints have knocked off the rust

but it would be a guess

i could see sean payton winning the toss and taking the ball to make a statement

there is going to be so much energy

yeah im getting fired up just thinking about it
me too!
sean payton i think will out coach mcvay here
i do too. the video of payton game planning against cox on that fake punt is next level coaching
mcvay just finally broke through his first playoff win

this is next level

the rams run D isnt that good, the saints may run a lot
what were the other bets?
i LOVE the idea of teasing the saints +3 with the pats +9
i REALLY love that
getting saints +3 is insane
its one of those teasers that feels like free money
it has to be

a million units

so to recap, here are all the bets I like:

saints +3/pats +9

saints -0.5 Q1

(depending on game flow) 2H under, i like the saints to kill the clock

yeah i honestly think the game under will hit

i know im talking myself into it

1H o/u is 28.5

i might put half unit on 1st half under too

there are only 3 games left

we have to bet everything possible

for that im taking

Saints -3

Under for the game

Q1: NO -0.5                          NO-3
  H1: U28.5                           U56.5
 TEASE: NO +3, NE +9                                     

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