NFL Super Bowl Props


prop time
i have one that i love so much

sonny michel


o/u 0.5


i also have one that i love

will edelman have a rush


oh interesting

what is the line on that

straight up, got it
I’m not feeling the edelman rush prop at even money

He only had 9 rushing attempts this year

ok well i also like edelman over 6.5 receptions
me too

and to piggy back that, i like brady O 37.5 pass attempts

he’s averaging 45/game in the playoffs

and thats with them running a lot in the playoffs too
i dont think they’ll be able to run

i like under 76.5 rushing yards for michel

oo thats a good one

big enough number that can keep you in the game long

solo + assisted tackles by Aaron Donald 3.5???




idk about that one

he has 4 in the playoffs total

2 in each game

he gets doubled like crazy

he only has 4 tackles?

suh has the same line


i was going off his shirtless pic and no stats at all

he’s averaging 4/game in the playoffs
so which is it?

4 total or 4/game?

donald: 2/game, 4 total

suh: 4/game, 8 total

same line for both of them

o/u 3.5

there are a few interesting kicking ones

greg the leg o/u 1.5 FGs made


yeah i like that over
will there be a missed XP? no -310

steep, but i like it

another one, gostkowski’s first kickoff is a touchback. yes +180

no kickers will miss easy kicks here
-310 is too steep, especially because im taking like 20 props haha

but i like the gostkowski one

i might take that prop at -310 haha

but the gostkowski one is another Q1 U type bet

plenty of time to make it back

yeah exactly

the last prop i’m definitely betting: will brady throw an INT? YES

that is a fun one

any of the props you can win on one play are the best

right, like our james white prop last year
that was my favorite one last year

it happened the exact way i thought it would


do you have any others?

i need to recap what im doing

i like the over on brandon cooks 75.5

that will be my long reach prop

he did just pay for a rams personnel guy and his son to go to the super bowl
and hes used to be on the pats

revenge game

CJ Anderson over 42.5 is also intriguing

he gets like 6 yards a carry

thats a tough number

he had 44 against the saints

so i would have won the bet
yes. but gurley basically didnt play
so then you like gurley under 68.5
i think gurley is going to be involved

but i dont like either of those lines

if i had to choose, id probably go under on both

id lean over on gurley

i changed immediately

over gurley, under cj

but im not betting either

so to recap

here are my props

sonny michel OVER 0.5 receptionsEdelmen OVER 6.5 receptions

brady OVER 37.5 attempts

sonny michel UNDER 76.5 rushing yards

Suh OVER 3.5 solo +assisted tackles 

Zureline OVER 1.5 FGs

Brady throws INT -110 YES

Gostkowski first kick touchback YES+180

how is that +180
he will often do that plop kick to the 1

but i dont think they do that to start the game. maybe if they score first they might

is that all?
i have 8 props, Q1 U, H1 U, rams teaser, and potentiall rams +3.5 if it gets there
i dont like the suh one but ill swap in Cooks + 75.5


well now i dont like the suh one

but i dont love cooks

ok lets swap out one more then

i think i like one of the TEs for the rams scoring a TD

im leaning Everett


what about o/u 45.5 net yards on hekker first punt
i think im sticking with Ev


yeah im sticking with Ev

i have a feeling

wow. what about edelman rushing attempt?


i also like gurley over 3.5 receptions


there are so many

alright, i think i got it
so we have all the same props
this is madness

and i love it

its been a fun year

lets finish strong

if we win all these bets

we’ll be rich

time to buy our infinity pools


First kickoff by Gostkowski be a touchback? Yes +180

Over 0.5 INT Brady

Over 1.5 FG for Zuerline

Over 0.5 receptions for Sony Michel

Under 76.5 rushing yards Sony Michel

Over 37.5 pass attempts Brady

Over 6.5 receptions by Edelman

O8.5 Goff rush yards

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